Helping Our Employees be Self-Sustainable and Earn an Income

The AbilityOne Program uses the purchasing power of the federal government to buy products and services from participating, community-based nonprofit agencies nationwide dedicated to training and employing individuals with disabilities.

Crossroads has participated in the AbilityOne Program since 1980; we’ve trained and employed people with disabilities who provide janitorial and landscaping services for federal agencies in California and Texas – helping our employees be self-sustainable and earn an income. Helping them transition from their reliance on public benefits recipients to becoming tax-paying citizens. Crossroads has enjoyed a 100% retention rate for these contracts since we became an AbilityOne Program participant – never having lost a customer since 1980. Crossroads has gained a reputation for being a “caped crusader”– successfully “rescuing” contracts in the middle of their lifecycle. We have taken over for other non-profit agencies and assumed the service obligations for three federal contracts in California and Texas, all of which were in jeopardy of being lost to the Ability One Program.

Crossroads also sets itself apart with its use of cutting-edge barcode-based technology, enabling real-time quality assurance and immediate access to service information. Crossroads was the first to utilize technology to ease and streamline quality control for customers in California, and it has enabled our customers such as the General Services Administration to successfully and seamlessly pass their MARRS inspections. In short – we make our customers look good!

If you are a contracting officer and have set-aside mandates to meet, or if your agency has the desire to participate in the AbilityOne Program as a customer, contact Crossroads at (916) 568-5230 or

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The AbilityOne Program has reduced annual government entitlements by $3,034 per person employed.

The AbilityOne Program has increased annual payments (in the form of income taxes) to the government by $3,050 per person employed.

Total annual savings to the government per person employed: $6,084