More than 75% of our janitorial crew members are individuals with disabilities.

We have top-notch onsite managers who understand how to clean a building and recognize and respond to the individual needs of our staff so that each person is enabled to perform at their individual best.

Crossroads also sets itself apart with its use of cutting-edge barcode-based technology, enabling real-time quality assurance and immediate access to service information. Crossroads was the first to utilize technology to ease and streamline quality control for customers in California, and it has enabled our customers such as the General Services Administration to successfully and seamlessly pass their MARRS inspections.

Crossroads’ janitorial services include:

  • Comprehensive interior cleaning
  • Window and blinds cleaning
  • Light fixture cleaning and replacement
  • Carpet care and cleaning
  • Porter services and utility work

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Current stats according to the Department of Labor: 21.9% of people with disabilities participate in the overall labor force (compared to 69.3% of people w/o disabilities). The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is at 13.5% (compared to 7.3% unemployment for people w/o disabilities).