More than 75% of our crew members are individuals with disabilities.

We have top-notch onsite managers who understand how to create efficiencies in grounds maintenance and recognize and respond to the individual needs of our staff so that each person is enabled to perform at their individual best.

Landscape installation and grounds management is part of the suite of facility services that Crossroads offers.

These services include:

  • Total grounds maintenance
  • Lawn, shrub, flower and tree planting/installation
  • Tree management
  • Sprinkler installation and repair
  • Irrigation management

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The unemployment rate for persons with a disability was 15.0 percent in 2011, well above the figure of 8.7 percent for those with no disability.

Of people with disabilities who are employed, 33% work part time, compared to only 19% of the general U.S. population who work full time.