Home Depot Training

Each spring, Home Depot recruits nearly 1500 temporary seasonal employees in the greater Sacramento region. Though you’d think this would be an easy task, this assignment presents a challenge each year for Amanda McCusker, Home Depot’s Associate Support Department Supervisor.

Amanda needed to find 30-50 employees for each of the Home Depots in the greater Sacramento area over the course of about three months. She wanted to hold this recruitment effort in the areas most closely located to the stores she needed to staff. She came to Crossroads because she knew we managed the Sacramento Works One Stop Career Center in Citrus Heights and needed our help to not only promote and host a job fair for Home Depot, but also help spread the word among job seekers that Home Depot was hiring!

In the span of about 90 minutes, Amanda was able to meet nearly 20 pre-qualified potential recruits, and conduct on-the-spot interviews of all these potential employees. Logistically, it was a snap! Home Depot utilized the conference rooms available at no cost to all area businesses at the One Stop Career Center – enabling Amanda to conduct a quick Home Depot orientation for the group and one-on-one interviews in a small onsite office. This recruitment effort was so successful that Amanda plans on holding more job fairs with Crossroads in the future, including one specifically utilizing Crossroads’ connection to youth for a direct recruitment effort.

Though the 1500 seasonal positions that Amanda will be recruiting generally start as temporary assignments, approximately 85% of these temporary employees will become permanent employees for Home Depot.

Crossroads Diversified Services (CDS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to putting people back to work and providing employment for individuals with disabilities. Funding for this mission is generated from our for-profit enterprise, Crossroads Facility Services (CFS), one of few companies to provide indoor and outdoor facility services, and which contributes more than ten percent of its annual revenue to support the CDS social mission.

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