WL May Crew

Meet Bryan, Michael, Reggie and Mark. At one point in their lives, they were desperate. Drugs were a way of life. They all had been incarcerated multiple times. Each hit “rock bottom” when they landed in a drug court program – their last chance to rehabilitate and turn their lives around. That was when they came to Crossroads.

Our job developer Donna (the gal smiling in the photo) first worked with Mark (far right), providing employment services and helping him find a job at WL May – a household appliance parts distribution company. That was nearly 12 years ago. During this time, Mark worked his way up to become the plant manager. Because he wanted to give back and help others struggling to get their life back together in the same way he did, Mark created opportunities for a few other Crossroads clients at WL May.

Bryan (second from right) has worked at WL May for nearly two years – it’s the longest time he has ever held a job. Bryan credits Crossroads for showing him compassion and for believing he was worth “saving,” and admits that if not for having a job as part of his rehabilitation, he would be in jail or dead.

Michael (second from left) was one day away from homelessness. A former Marine, he had lost hope. No family. No friends. All he needed was a chance – which he got at WL May. Michael has worked for Mark since 2007 and has since reunited with his family and has become an inspiration to them – his son will be starting his basic training in a few months.

Reggie (far left) was an addict. Last year, he celebrated ten years of sobriety. Reggie has worked for Mark at WL May during these ten years of sobriety, and credits a stable job and his friends at work for helping him remain sober. Reggie just bought his first home two years ago, and served as Mark’s best man at his wedding.

We are proud of the success of our nonprofit clients such as Mark, Bryan, Michael and Reggie.

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