Helping Individuals Transition from Public Benefits Recipients to Tax Contributors

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Crossroads' programs prepare displaced and/or disabled individuals for competitive employment by providing comprehensive support and employment services.

Through program partnerships with agencies including Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA), Sacramento Works, Sacramento County, California Department of Rehabilitation and the United States Social Security Administration, Crossroads provide a variety of services crucial for job seekers searching for employment, or looking to acquire new skills in an increasingly competitive marketplace.  

Bottom line: we help individuals transition from public benefits recipients to tax contributors. Gainful employment has also proven to be key in the recovery and overall stability of individuals with disabilities, enabling them the pride that comes with earning a paycheck.

If you are looking for employment and don’t know where to start, we can help. Visit our Job Seekers or People with Disabilities page to find out more about our services.  Or, call us at (916) 457-1900 and we’ll help find the right next step for you.


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CARF Accredited

Crossroads is CARF Accredited for Community Employment Services and Workforce Development for Job Supports and Job Development.

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