Our greatest passion is serving you

Crossroads has a rich history of inspiring change and improving lives for more than 40 years. We created a successful social enterprise with a combination nonprofit organization work in synergy with a successful for-profit commercial services business. We started as a spinoff from a State of California mental health program and we soon become the second largest contract provider to Sacramento County’s Department of Mental Health after just three years.

From there, Crossroads developed the idea of competitive employment for persons with disabilities. After winning its first AbilityOne contract with General Services Administration, Crossroads provided custodial and ground maintenance services to government properties and facilities. As demand continued, we soon expanded employment services to include displaced workers and socially/economically disadvantaged.

Through its landscaping, janitorial and custodial contracts, Crossroads discovered a sustainable funding stream to support its mission, and launched a successful social enterprise operation doing great work, for great clients and meeting the needs of people with disabilities and other challenges.

Long-time President and CEO David DeLeonardis retired in 2014.  Jim Estep was named David’s successor. His passion and commitment has propelled Crossroads to new heights ensuring that Crossroads continues to grow and positively impact people they help, and customers they serve.