Crossroads Diversified Services has re-branded itself under the Crossroads name with a new logo and slogan to set the stage for growth in both its nonprofit and for-profit enterprises. The new logo represents the convergence of people, training, jobs, education and desire for a better quality of life.

“Our new logo is a colorful, engaging and relevant new symbol to showcase our organization and people,” said Jim Estep, president and CEO of Crossroads. “It’s the next stage in our evolution and we are looking to serve and help more people with a path of improvement and self-sufficiency. No one does what we do and that’s expressed perfectly in our new slogan: ‘Passion at Work.’”

As part of the re-branding, Crossroads is unveiling a new website and communications program to better service partners, customers and the public.

“We take pride in our work and the passion we bring to help people improve themselves,” Estep added. “Our programs, through such partners as the County of Sacramento and California Department of Rehabilitation, demonstrate our successful approach. Along with that, our for-profit commercial services continues to gain traction putting some of our clients to work but also building profits to fund more services to people.”

Nonprofits and the services they provide are often scrambling to raise money to sustain programs. Crossroads innovative social enterprise model allow the organization to fund itself through contracts and profits from its business. While corporate, foundation and individual donations help with program growth, the organization seeks to fund itself mostly.