Sacramento County Department of Behavioral Health Services Community Support Team


The Community Support Team is one of many strategies developed to support a continuum of services and supports within Sacramento County’s Suicide Prevention Project.


The Community Support Team will consist of teams of Peer/Family Support Specialists and Sacramento County Mental Health Counselors who will provide a mobile response to community members experiencing a crisis. The goal will be to ameliorate the crisis and the potential need for emergency psychiatric or acute care services.  The team may also assist in post discharge from acute care services such as the Mental Health Treatment Center, or with contacts with law enforcement, emergency rooms, etc. The team will ensure there is appropriate follow‐up care, including any necessary safety plans, and will provide support and education to individuals and family members to help prevent a relapse back into crisis.

Target Population

The Community Support Team serves children, transitioned aged youth, adults, older adults and families within Sacramento County.  Individuals and families can be seen by Peer/Family Support Specialists and mental health professionals in their home, place of employment, school, etc.

Types of Services Provided

  • Crisis intervention, situation stabilization
  • Mental health assessments and intervention
  • Rapid linkage and/or re‐linkage to treatment providers
  • Linkage to community supports to prevent the risk of suicide and/or relapse back into crisis
  • Follow up care and aftercare planning
  • Peer and/or family support
  • Safety planning

Intended Outcomes

  • Diversion from crisis services or decreased need for crisis services
  • Decreased risk for suicide
  • Increased knowledge of available resources and supports
  • Increased personal connection and involvement with natural community supports
  • Increased awareness of and ability to access community resources
  • Reduction in crisis services and/or acute care hospitalization services;
  • Decreased isolation