Recovery Through Work

In collaboration with the Department of Rehabilitation (DoR) and County Behavioral Health, Crossroads provides employment services to persons with psychiatric disabilities.

Are you currently receiving mental health services though Sacramento County and ready to go to work? Contact our Workforce Development Representative to receive orientation information today!

“Life throws you curves. These people go to bat for you.”
–  Robert (working client)

Services offered:

  • Assist individuals in a program to maintain sustainable, preferred employment.
  • Create and build a professional resume tailored to employment preference.
  • Provide individualized job search assistance in house and out in the community.
  • Assist with filling out applications and submitting resumes to potential employers.
  • Provide retention support to assist employed clients.
  • Create and maintain ongoing support plans.
  • Monthly training for work readiness skills, interviewing techniques, mobility training and other work-related skills.
  • Maintain client connectedness to long term support such as benefits and mental health providers.