The road to employment starts with one step.

In partnership with the Department of Rehabilitation, Crossroads provides vocational rehabilitation services, including assessment, training and work-related supports.

“Crossroads is judgment free, and that’s what makes it so unique because you can walk-in on your first day and feel completely comfortable. They not only help you find work but they help you build confidence in yourself. And you can’t really find that anywhere else.”
–  Brittany S.

We provide workshops and training:

  • Assist individuals to prepare for, obtain and retain employment.
  • Provide personal, situational and vocational assessments for work readiness skills, interviewing techniques, mobility training and other work-related skills.
  • Create and maintain a support plan and vocational assessments on a regular basis.
  • Provide situational and necessary interactions to remove employment barriers for training, and to develop personal and professional work practices.
  • Create and build a professional resume tailored to employment preference.
  • Provide individualized job search assistance in-house and out in the community.
  • Assist with filling out applications and submitting resumes to potential employers.
  • Provide retention support to assist employed clients.