The best testament to our work and success comes from our partners, program participants and customers about the importance and meaning of Crossroads and our Passion at Work philosophy. We always focusing on the best possible solutions and outcomes. We are caring, responsive, helpful and drive inspiration in our people and team.

People Services – Case Studies

“During last quarter, I helped a blind individual get on Medi-Cal. He was getting different answers from County and Covered CA. I helped him get on the Working Disable 250% program by collecting cans. So now he can apply for IHHS and go see his doctors. He was very happy and surprised on how smoothly the process went when I helped them, especially since they didn’t get anywhere for the last 2-3 months. They were nice enough to give quotes for Crossroads.”
– Vicky Wen
Employment Specialist – Workforce Development
“Did you ever dream of attending the first day of college and never showing up again until the mid-term and finals? Cory had such a unique and enviable college experience.  He passed his tests as a double major Psychology/Computer Science/Math graduate at Oregon University. However, he spent most of the time in his dorm room, working alone online. Social anxiety has added a solitary element of his life that continued even after he left college. For 12 years, he lived an introverted period of time to cope with some social roadblocks. About a year ago, he began attending a weekly workshop at the Mind Institute in Sacramento: Access to Employment, High and Low Technology Tools for Gainful Employment. Cory described it as a very accepting atmosphere enveloping him, giving him a place to interact with others, and having a positive group experience. His sensory overloads were understood. In time, he accepted a job at the Mind Institute and now contributes with other computer specialists.”
– Anna Christa Reed
Community Work Incentive Coordinator
“I met Tim October 2016. He was seeking help with obtaining employment because he had been on several interviews but never received call backs. Tim was eager to start working and earn his own money to pay for driving classes so he could get his license. Tim went above and beyond with participation and learning everything he could from the workshops. After completing his workshops, I had set up an interview at Smart and Final for Tim. Tim was excited and felt prepared for his interview. Crossroads wanted Tim to feel confident at his new job so Crossroads purchased work clothes for him- Tim was very appreciative. Drum roll please… After 1 week of working- the manager had stated he wanted to hire Tim after his internship ends because of his hard work and amazing work ethic! If I can describe Tim in one word… DETERMINED! Tim doesn’t let his disability hold him back, he doesn’t let lack of transportation hold him back, he doesn’t let anything hold him back! Tim is willing to put in the hard work to reach his goals and I’m thrilled I get to witness it!”
– Reyna Lemus
Youth Services Case Manager

People Services – Testimonials

“Crossroads for me at Sylvan Road has shown consistent accessibility for me.  With their patience and available staff, it has made my job search easier and reliable. When I need help, Kathy and staff are always pleasant and knowledgeable, and always step in, whether if it’s to polish up my resume or offer to put it on professional stationery. I always recommend Crossroads to search for jobs in Citrus Heights, because it is a professional place, accessible, and the staff is friendly and helpful.”
– Sylvia Cuellar
Job Center Intensive Service

“Crossroads is unique and different because they are very friendly and helpful. Thanks to Crossroads I was able to start school and work towards a stable career in a field I’m passionate about!”
– Jeremy W.
WIOA Training
“Crossroads is judgement free, and that’s what makes it so unique because you can walk-in on your first day and feel completely comfortable. They not only help you find work but they help you build confidence in yourself. And you can’t really find that anywhere else.”
– Brittany S.
Out of School Youth Services
“Crossroads is unique and different, because they show that they care about the people they help, they will also answer questions right away. In the youth program they have helped by setting me up with a job site as soon as possible. Crossroads has taught me a lot since I’ve been in this program. Crossroads does what they say they will do while other programs do not. You guys are number ONE in my book!”
– Sierra W.
Out of School Youth Services
“Crossroads is a program built for youth to achieve greatness by breaking down barriers that youth face when looking for employment. Crossroads gives youth an opportunity to show a company what you can offer!”
– Kahilliah T.
Out of School Youth Services
“What I believe makes Crossroads not only unique but also effective, is that the counselors are willing to work one-on-one with their clients to achieve job results. Each counselor that has worked with me has paid attention to my needs and limitations in seeking employment and planned and progressed accordingly. They have been a tremendous help!”
– John P.
“Crossroads is such a big help when it comes to job search. I have learned so many new things on how to properly job search. You guys are a huge help and very nice.”
– Jamel J.
“I have learned so many new things on how to look for a job. I have learned how to properly narrow my job search and focus on specific employers to apply for. I thank you all for assisting with job search and helping update my resume.”
– Edward Y.
“I can’t believe this service exists. You guys are a big help. I appreciate the one-on-one assistance and love how knowledgeable the staff is on where and how to apply for different jobs.”
– Nick R.
“The people that run the youth program is what really puts this program ahead of any that are similar. Instead of feeling like a client I’m treated like a friend. Obviously you want your friends to be taken well care of and that’s what they do. They always make sure I feel comfortable where I am and make sure I am constantly updated on things I need to know.”
– Tacie R.
Out of School Youth Services
“What makes Crossroads unique and different is that they actually care about the people they help and also care about each person individually. They also make sure everything is going smoothly.”
– Lexa M.
Out of School Youth Services
“What makes Crossroads unique and different is the fact that they are willing help others succeed in life and gives us the opportunity to gain work experience to increase our work ethic. Most places that say they will help you don’t really help or motivate you, but you guys are the real deal and I thank you for everything!”
– Arletta B.
Out of School Youth Services
“Crossroads is different because they know the situation and know how to handle it. They were able to get a hold of insurance people. In my situation, I couldn’t get any help.  You (Crossroads) were able to get the information and people to get me my insurance, but also give me different options when needed.”
– John Latteri
“Crossroads has been incredible; the staff has been incredibly helpful and dedicated to help me achieve my goals. I used the WOIA grant to start my career in the security field, I have never applied for a grant before but Crossroads helped me every step of the way.”
– Adrian Dominguez
Job Center
“Crossroads is different because they bend over backwards to help us. I worked so hard for my brother and all I got was passed around to different agencies and no straight answers. It was a complete waste of my time. Crossroads came in and was reliable and extra helpful and got it done for us in two meetings!”
– Virginia
Sister of TTW client
“Crossroads has impacted me greatly because they understand that we (I) have a disability and work with me at my pace and my level of understanding with patience and compassion.”
– Julie Debbs

Commercial Services – Customer Testimonial

“The staff puts 100% into all that they do. I have heard a lot of good comments from the Island on how well they take care of their customers on a daily basis. The staff has really taken a better look at over all cleanliness since I have taken over and really enjoy working alongside them. This is a great opportunity for those with disabilities because it keeps them active and gives them a sense of pride for doing a good job on a daily basis. This making sure that they are being recognized and as well helps them to maybe overcome fears that they might still have. I enjoy watching them learn and do new things and know that it makes a difference for them and their families when they get to talk about life and not focus on their underlying problems every day.”
– Michael Haiduck
COTR Base Alameda
“It is always nice to come in to work the day after Crossroads came. Everything is fresh and clean with new paper towels, soap and emptied trash cans. They will even take our used boxes out to the recycling bin. I think it is very important that everyone has an opportunity to have a meaningful purpose each day, and I am glad that Crossroads provides this opportunity for people. It feels like it is to better our community. I would say the personalized service definitely makes all the difference.  It feels like a family-run business. They are always helpful and friendly.”
– Kathleen Fay
Customer of Secured Personal Information